All cookies are not created equal.

We're Blue Hen Cookies

We use high-extraction milled wheat from small farms in Idaho, milled right here in Boise. This milling process keeps flavor and nutrition intact for a remarkably rich, almost nutty-flavored cookie.

Shortbread Gift Bags

Sold in sets of six. Please support our local retail partners who have these in stock! (Yes, they have Rosemary Savories! And, you don't have to buy six!) See footer for our partners.

Gather & Get Cozy

Blue Hen Holiday Cookie Barks! SOLD OUT

So pretty you won't want to eat them! (Oh but you will!) Our beautiful and delicious holiday shortbread is tucked into Guittard dark & white couverture chocolate and made into edible art.


We've gone local

We use the most flavorful wheat & herbs from small, Idaho farms. Why? Well, because they're the most flavorful! And because we're all about supporting local growers that are as close to us as possible.