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Blue Hen Cookies—Boise, Idaho

Alison Anton—Boise Idaho
Local-Food Advocate & Cooking Instructor

Blue Hen Cookies was baked into being by a fortuitous happenstance: While on hold from teaching during the first year of the pandemic, I thought I’d use the time to experiment with wheat flour from small farms in Idaho.

My first recipe was Scottish shortbread because of its simplicity. (It doesn’t get simpler than this folks: wheat, butter, sugar.) To my happy astonishment, the cookies came out over-the-top flavorful.

Immediately, I tested the cookies against another batch, using my go-to, King Arthur. Hands-down, each bite of the Idaho shortbread won in flavor, texture and all-around deliciousness.

This original recipe paved the way for our signature Blue Hen shortbread using local herbs from small farms, and of course, Idaho wheat flour.

Where do we source such flavorful flour for our cookies?  

Our flours are are sourced from small farms in Idaho, which use a milling process called high-extraction that leaves nutrition and flavor intact. These are easy-to-digest flours for people who might normally have problems with other wheat flours. We often hear our customers say, "Your cookies feel and taste like I'm eating real food." That's because they are eating real food! 

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